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Her hands are tangled in his hair.
It's soft and course, she likes the feel of it.
She licks her way down his neck to his collarbone and he groans.
His groans sound deep and rustic. Like his soul goes on forever.
He grinds up against her and she in turn moans and she feels him harden against her.

His hands are tangled in her hair.
It's long and lucious, he loved the feel of it.
She likks down his neckto his collarbone, issuing a groan from him.
The places she licks feel like they are on fire and he moves his hands aruond her waist and grinds into her.
She moans and he can feel her nipples harden against his chest.

They move together, in unison.
Grinding and weaving.
Pushing and pulling.
They are one.
For hanabiCHILD :D

there's something not to hot or to mature for anyone :D

OH YEAH *bang*
dude-s Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2007
thanks :D

i could have totally gone all the way with it ;D
..maybe i will
hanabiCHILD Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2007
it's so good ..

i really like it.

kinda like the words of FISHTELLER <33

love it
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